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Side bar widget not functioning properly

Side bar widget not functioning properly

all widgets assigned to the side bar of our homepage are instead displaying underneath the main text.

additionally - the twitter widget is not displaying the twitter feed.
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  • Will (Official Rep) March 10, 2017 15:59
    Hello Sal,

    Thank you for raising this support ticket.

    I can confirm that we have been able to fix your sidebar issue, this was due to, we think, copying and pasting HTML which had additional Div tags, that were doing nothing except causing this issue.
    I would recommend when you update pages to first use the Draft Site option to view the page before publishing to the live site.
    You should see the 'Draft Site' option in the bottom left of the browser page (link at foot of CMS) where you can preview any changes first.

    Regards the Twitter Feed failing to load, you will want to add the Twitter feed using the HTML Content Widget instead of the Twitter Widget. I will email a document with how to do this separately.

    Kind Regards
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