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no printer found

i downloaded the connector but my phone still keeps saying no printers found
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  • Hi Staci,

    Thanks for reaching out - and thanks for using Breezy!

    Sounds like you're probably trying to print using AirPrint instead of Breezy. As long as the Connector is running, you've selected some printers, and you're logged into both the Connector and the app with the same username/password, you should be able to see your printers from within Breezy.

    Remember, you have to use 'Open In...' to print with Breezy, because Apple doesn't let developers integrate with the native 'Print' button that sits inside Mail and Safari. We're working on a workaround for that, but for now, yyyyywe're limited to supporting docs Opened In Breezy. Make sense?

    Thanks again for using Breezy, and let us know if you have other questions.
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