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I’m frustrated

Print email attachments

I have the free breezy fax and print app on my blackberry 9300 curve. I have an email with an attachment that I am trying to print out. When I open then email and I select print with breezy it asks if I want to print ‘email body’ this is fine and I can get this to print.

The app also list the attachment to the email and if I select this to print the attachment, I get the message ‘uploading’ and the name of the attachment and the cursor (circle) changes color as if it is doing something. This last a while and then I get the error message

“an error occurred communication with the breezy servers. Please try again in a few minutes or contact Breezy support for assistance”

Details: an error occurred while uploading the document.null

I have tried several times and get the same message each time. I was wondering if you could help with this

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