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I’m frustrated and sad

BES900XL double boiler espresso machine doesn't heat water

I got up yesterday morning and turned on the power to my breville bes900xl espresso machine - and did not hear the familiar sound I typically hear when I turn my machine on...the machine came on; however, the only thing it did was the familiar flashing of the LCD denoting the temperature. Unfortunately - that's all it did. I made sure the steam wand was closed, the hot water knob closed...same result. I then turned the machine off for an hour - and same result. I then tried resetting the machine per the instructions on page 19 of my manual - and, nothing happened - the machine didn't power up when I pressed both the up and down arrows. So - waited about 5 hours - and again, same results - flashing LCD and no sounds like the heating element was starting up or anything.
We make about 2-3 espresso drinks a day, and just two weeks ago cleaned it for the first time - so, haven't had the machine long - what am I missing?
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