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I’m excited we listened and then addressed a lot of customer issues.

New version of Bubble Atlantis available

Hello Bubble Atlantans,
Good news! About an hour ago (1:10pm Pacific), we released an updated version of Bubble Atlantis. We think this addresses many of the issues raises by concerned customers over the last few weeks. Also some new features are included.

This new version contains:
- Coral (the Mermaid) becomes transparent so she never blocks shots
- Coral loads cannon faster
- Upgraded tutorials
- Many bug fixes addressed, including level not saving and slow play
- More challenging stages 7 and 8
- New loading screen
- New in-game background art for stage 8 (the palace)
- 24-hour lives feature – you can now buy infinite lives for 24 hours
- New super power-up called the Super Explosive Ball that destroys 3x what the regular Explosive Ball does

Please let us know if you experience any problems with this new version. As always, we want to hear what you think.
Yours, Marc
Bubble Atlantis Support
San Francisco, California