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Questions about Bullhorn Reach as to why it isn't working properly

Good Morning,
I am new to Bullhorn Reach, and I believe I have done everything correctly, however, everytime I post a position as well as add my specific groups through LinkedIn, it isn't posting the way I see others who use Bullhorn Reach look as well as it's not showing my proper logo of my company(even after I attached it properly) and I have the setting to have my jobs re-posted every two days, and that is not happening either. Would someone pls be able to contact me to help me figure out what I am doing wrong? I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is (this is my work email address and I have Bullhorn Reach linked to my personal email address. Pls contact me through my work email as I do not check my personal email at work as well as not as frequently) My work email again is Thank you for your patience and help! BTW, I think this is an amazing site and I am thankful that it is available!

Jennifer Magid
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