7 Ideas to Bump it Up.

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Hello, I didn't have the time to browse through all the ideas & questions, so here's a little list of what I hope is constructive feedback:

1. A linux version - even nonfree - is essential.
2. The 3D looks is good, but more interaction is needed: moving camera, zooming (much like compiz cube on linux, but an inverse cube)
3. Needs integration of 'virtual desktops': more than one desktop, workspace. maybe like compiz, but inverse: each wall could be a desktop, 3D camera moving & zooming for eyecandy & fluid feel.
4. Configurable settings for 'bumpiness', friction, etc.
5. Needs an option to 'save profiles, workspaces' (icon placement, size; stacks, wallpapers, ...)
6. A 'widget' for rss-feeds would be nice, or a clock, or even better: an extensible framework for plugins, widgets and like.
7. An option to pin icons/stacks so you cannot move them by bumping into them.

I've send this list through the feedback option, so I hope it reaches the right people.
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Posted 8 years ago

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1 - I do not agree at all due to the fact there's similar projects (as you said, compiz-fusion), that could implement similar behaviours easily, and anyway, I wouldn't install BumpTop on linux since I try to keep it fully-free. But this is a very personal opinion :)

2 - That could be an option, but the risk of making BumpTop too confusing is high. Maybe some sort of limited movement like simpily 90o rotating to either side to switch the upper wall, along with a little perspective adjustement?

3 - Here... I don't know how difficult/easy is to fully integrate what you say into BumpTop, but that's for sure a compatibility nightmare. After all, BumpTop is not much more than a file browser afaiu. Besides that, I greatly support this idea. Virtual Desktops are a real lack on windows os, so if BumpTop gets to the point of managing this, it would simplily be great to have multiple desktops (could be walls, or panels or even 3d desks or whatever to avoid using up the room wall space).

4 - Sure, the desktop is one of most personal things.

5 - Also agreeing on that, with a little addition: Adding some kind of "publishing" option to have the same widget (everything non-local) setup on every computer I want to use BumpTop on. After all, that's why people turn to online-portals with tons of RSS instead of putting them on the desktop, isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong :)

6 - Oh please, free the APIs asap :)

7 - Absolutely agree on this... I'd just add a "Glue it up" option on the action menu to lock items around.

And a last one, a little addition of mine: Add the possibility to stick piled-then-gridded groups on a wall, since that for example would allow me to place grouped shortcuts around ...
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I like idea 1, 4, 5. Plus 6 may be this. 3 can be found here