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I’m pulling up my support hose.

Official IRC Support channel(s).

I'd like to see IRC come back as an 'official' support channel, with regularly scheduled staffing hours, etc.

But, I'd like to see 2 different channels:
(1) BCDN-member only channel for, well, BCDN members. This implies a certain level of familiarity with the BungeeConnect, the Builder, and well, the staff ;-) This channel would be highly tech-driven, and users should expect prompt responses to technical support queries, as well as community-driven assistance for design/development philosophy/shared code.
(2) Noob channel. Help for people just getting started with BungeeConnect, and who are having difficulty either with the core concepts in the Learn Tab, or with the prerequisite knowledge (OO concepts, or MVA architecture, for example.) Users should expect courteous explanations and assistance, but will not usually generate high-level issues, such as bug reports.
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