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I’m frustrated

im begging you, plz keep the old buzznet link

im rly starting to hate the new buzznet. followers? you have got to be kidding me! you can hardly make any customizations, which rly pisses me off. and i cant figure out how to suggest pictures, change my song of the moment, or what im doing. oh, and, how to post bulletins, well or look at them. and i hate how you cant just drop a note, you have to go to the notes section, then click "drop a note" or whatever.. this is retarded! and, for me, thats saying sumthing, coz i hate to use that word.

wow i sound like such a bitch. but i just want my buzznet back! is that to much to ask? :(

i just noticed.. tags are required on posts?! wtf? that is seriously the most fucked up thing.. what if i just post a pic of me? am a supposed to tag it "jordan" or "me"? what if i dont want to fucking tag it?!?!

buzznet staff, im BEGGING you to keep the old buzznet link.. plz plz plz. and my sister cant see my featured pics :( is there even such a thing any more? ugh fml
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