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Is Carmex ok for gluten allergy sufferers??

Does Carmex lip balm contain any gluten? ( I have a gluten allergy) Thanks!
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  • paul (Official Rep) January 22, 2009 02:58
    Hi Nancy.

    Carmex does not contain any gluten. I began to receive this question often enough that we included this information on the "Get Answers" portion of our website:

    We do not use any wheat products, flour, etc. in the formula nor do we use any flour on the conveyor belts. A good and long time friend of mine has Celiac disease and he has used Carmex for years. (He's always hitting me up for a free supply).

    I hope that I've answered your question satisfactorily.

    Best wishes,

    Paul Woelbing, President
    Carma Labs., Inc.
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  • paul (Official Rep) March 02, 2011 17:20
    It's our pleasure. The friend that I reference in the above reply is named Chris and. we've been friends for more than 35 years. I remember how he struggled for a period of about three years to figure out what was going wrong with his system. Chris was an Olympic level athlete and has always taken exceptional care of himself. It was a great relief for him to finally figure out what was going on and how changes in his diet really improved the quality of his life.

    I hope that things are going well for you.


    Paul Woelbing
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