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Old Jars

I've been using Carmex for 15 years or more, and I collected the jars for a long time. When I moved, they got lost and now it comes in plastic jars. Is there anyway or anywhere I can get the old kind of jars? I miss them!
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  • paul (Official Rep) January 05, 2009 20:19
    Hi Rebekah.

    It was not without some regret that we made the switch to plastic jars.
    Until September of 1996 when we made the switch to plastic we were
    the largest user of opal glass in the world and having used these
    familiar jars since 1936, we saw them as an integral part of Carmex’s

    The switch, believe it or not, was not made principally for reasons of
    cost or profit but rather one of necessity. We were purchasing jars
    from the United States, Italy, Germany and England. The problem lied
    in the quality of the glass that we had been receiving for the last
    several years of production. Regardless of the source, the quality of the jars had deteriorated to the point where we were rejecting up to 50% of every load we received. While hopefully consumers did not notice
    the problems, if they did not it was only because we were hand
    inspecting every jar before it was filled. The jars had razor sharp
    flashing at the mold parting lines, glass spikes in the interior cavity and
    often were so brittle that the tops would crack off when the capping
    machines would screw on the caps. For whatever reason it seems as
    though the glass manufacturers lost their ability to make opal glass.

    For the time being you can order Carmex in the glass jars. We put
    aside a couple of pallets of glass for customers such as yourself who
    prefer it but unfortunately even this supply is starting to run low. If you
    wish to do so, send a check made out to Carma Labs. for $18.00 for
    one dozen jars (our minimum order), mark it to my attention and be
    sure to specify that you would like glass jars. My address is:

    Carma Labs.
    Attn: Paul
    5801 West Airways Avenue
    Franklin, WI 53132

    You can also call and speak with Wendy if you'ld like to order with a credit card. Our number is 414-421-7707. The office is open from 8:00 am through 4:30 pm Central time.

    Best wishes,

    Paul Woelbing
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