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I’m bummed a little bit

NEW CHARGES for Sellers on CARTFLY info

Hello My little Cartfly friends!
I do have several questions for you...first off, where would I find information on the NEW CHARGES for Cartfly stores/sellers?

In light of the new charges will there be new amenities like better, brighter, interactive store templates, hint hint?

LASTLY, I am finding the time it takes to make even to log on/access to my store is getting longer and longer! [yes I have tried several different computers!] Once I am finally logged in, it seems to take forever to upload new products or update existing items, not helpful in managing my store. PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I think for Cartfly to stay competitive speedier upload/update times are neccessary.
If I cant compete with my slightly archiac Cartfly store, I will have to host elsewhere, and I really dont want to do that, I have a certain amount of loyaly to my Cartfly peoples!!

With much appreciation~

XO deb merchant
Retail Therapy Jewelry