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Notes for phone calls

Minimally, there should be a way to note that a call was made to a candidate and by whom. It would be nice if calls could be initiated from the page - I use gizmo project for computer-based telephony - but it shouldn't require that to record call activity.

Scheduling contacts with candidates seems to be missing as well.
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  • ben (Official Rep) October 29, 2007 21:58
    When you click on the vote buttons for any candidate, or click on the link labeled "Want to add a comment or change your vote?" on the candidate detail page, you can record just a comment, rather than a yes or no vote. This way you can record a phone call that was made.

    I'll take a look at adding a link specifically for recording phone calls, like there is for sending emails.

    Scheduling contacts is something that will make an appearance later. :)
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