Security hole. Can I trust you

When I signed up for this site, I got my password e-mailed to me in clear text. How can I trust this site to provide my credit card for donations?
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  • Hello Manoj -

    Thank you for your feedback. We've just deployed a fix for this issue so email confirmations no longer contain any plain-text password information. I apologize for the issue and greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.

    Regarding your question about trusting Causecast with your credit card information, we have the following measures in place to secure our users' payment information.
    1) The servers hosting our donation engine live in a completely firewalled server environment, to which there is limited interfaces with outside systems and limited system access within the Causecast team.

    2)We use a 256 bit Secure Socket Layer(SSL) connection for all donation processing (and we will be implementing an EV SSL certificate to this connection in the coming weeks).

    3) We do not store your payment information, other then the last 4 digits for your own identification on receipts.

    4) We don't share your personal contact information with the nonprofits to which you donate unless you provide permission to do so.

    Again, I apologize for the issue seen earlier. We take security very seriously and are happy to address any other concerns on the topic.

    Many Thanks,
    VP Product
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