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Photo of fvillemin
Export to PDF
I have created a cheat sheet with only one content. Put it live but how can i export it to pdf ? i had not the export to pdf block ?
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Photo of fifedog15
unable to register
I've been trying to register my account, however nothing is working.  I try and reset my password, which took my user name, not my email....
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Photo of Joel Dare
Can't Login
Just an FYI. I was unable to login to the site. When I do so it just has the "login" or "register" buttons at the top of the page still...
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Photo of markarcane
password reset
I've forgotten my password and the password reset function is not working for me. When I click the link I just get an empty grey screen. ...
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Photo of Saxtus
PDF export is always as 1-column setup
I am testing a draft 2-column cheatsheet that I've exported a month ago to PDF and appeared alright. Trying the same today and the export...
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Photo of Dean Sofer
Unequal column widths
I don't know why but for some strange reason my cheatsheet is not evenly distributing the columns anymore:
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