create new adventure by editing existing one

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Allow a new adventure to be created by editing an existing adventure, by using a 'save as' function. Would save time when manually creating a number of similar but distinct chores, for example, multiple bathrooms or bedrooms to be cleaned.
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lana taves

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  • spending too much time on this

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It took me a moment to figure out that you meant that a copy of a chore would be created. Good idea!
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Teri Scott

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I definitely second and third this motion, having spent a couple hours recreating similar adventures today to break the most unpleasant chores into stages and tasks that each have their own reward.
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Andrew Wetmore

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I want to use Chore Wars for a five-floor building full of artists' studios. Being able to clone adventures would help a lot
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Absolutely! If a location has more than one bathroom, I think it's better to treat each bathroom separately. Cleaning two toilets is not the same as cleaning just one! And maybe one toilet gets cleaned a lot more than the others, so having the same adventure in different bathroom locations makes sense. It's a pain to manually create a new adventure when what I want to do is copy one to a new location.
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What Bookkish said, only make it "cat boxes" instead of "toilets." Though I suppose they're toilets of a kind.... :)
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Angela L.

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Multiple bathrooms to be cleaned, multiple beds to be made, multiple loads of laundry and dishes to be washed. It would definitely save me some time if I could essentially copy an existing task rather than duplicating it manually. (So many details to remember! ;o)
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Yes, yes, yes!!!