I’m a bit frustrated

Discrepancy in score updating on different pages

There is a discrepancy in XP for my character (Katherine of Kingsley in the Flossers of Switzerland party). There seems to be a bug in what happens when a claimed chore is then cancelled. My XP on my character sheet and at the top of the party page is currently 165. But my XP in the hall of fame at the bottom of the party page, and at the top of the "This Week" page is 20 points higher at 185. I believe this is because I mistakenly claimed a chore at full reward (40), cancelled it, and then claimed it at half as I should, which was 20 (the amount of the discrepancy). Not all the places the score shows up were properly updated. Thank you for looking into this. My kids are a little upset that it looks like I am leading when I'm not!
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