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ClearDB AWS services in US-East have been restored.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that our US-East services have been restored and are now available for use.

Heroku and AppFog Users: if you have applications that are currently routed to our US-West master, please redirect them back to your configured US-East host so that you can resume standard operations and get better performance for your apps.

What happened?
This outage occurred due to a power failure that happened within one of Amazon's US-East availability zones, which caused a cascading failure into EC2, EBS, and even Amazon's RDS, ElastiCache, and Elastic Beanstalk services. We use EC2 and EBS, and as such, our services were affected.

However, because of our multi-regional design, we were able to enable your apps to continue to operate in a 'degraded state' by re-routing your database traffic to our US-West master, which provided us with enough time to restore services in US-East. You can now take advantage of our US-East services again by using your pre-configured hostnames (via your PaaS provider) or by connecting back to your primary master node for dedicated customers.

Thanks for hanging in there with us folks!