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Does ClearDB on Heroku use QPS to restrict QPH?

I understand that cleardb has a max qph limit for different plans. Recently, I ran into a problem when using Heroku ClearDB Ignite(free version) which has a QPH of 3600. Out of curiosity, I tried accessing the database from two laptops simultaneously and that results in a max_questions reached error on my logs(which according to my research is QPH limit reached). I am sure at that moment, i am way lower the qph limit, which means i exceeds the qps limit which is 1. When I upgrade the plan to heroku cleardb drift that has a qph of 36000, the problem is gone(well, now i have a qps of 10). That gets me wonder if cleardb is actually monitoring qps in order to calculate an accurate window of qph? Thank you in advance. I am really curious to know.
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  • Hi,

    We get a lot of questions about this subject. The QPH limit is an internal counter in mysql which the server doesn't surface in any way. Our own tests show that it's accurate but there's no way to confirm that in an individual case.

    That's one reason I'm happy to announce that ClearDB has just expanded our Heroku addon with dedicated system plans that have no QPH limits.

    Dedicated plans start at about the same price as our Drift-level shared system plan. Please see for full details.
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