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At the moment my app is using Heroku's Hobby Basic $9/month plan.

For the most part it is working fine, however, about three times per day, there's this one query that suddenly takes 20 times more than average to complete.

In other words, usually it takes only 1 second to complete, but three times a day it can take more than 20 seconds to complete. And this happens when my app has about 1 request every 5 seconds.

I discussed this issue with Heroku and they have confirmed that the Hobby Basic plan might perform like this every now and then and that they do not recommend Hobby Basic for production use.

Now I am thinking about changing my app to use MySQL. My question is if ClearDB's Punch DB plan will have performance degradation issues like Heroku Postgres or if I can be certain that such degradations won't occur?

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your interest in our ClearDB Punch service plan on Heroku. While this type of behavior should not happen on our paid plans, we do not have any stated SLAs for CPU, memory, or throughput on our multi-tenant plans.

    For customers who need access to completely isolated, mission-critical services, we recommend our mission-critical service plans.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,
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