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I’m frustrated

Wordpress on Azure with Clear DB Dashboard extremly slow

Hi. We use Azure and ClearDB for hosting a Wordpress page. We moved to a paid MySQL Db on clear db (the 10 $ plan).
The frontend is performing "ok" - but the Wordpress Dashboard is running terribly slow.
Some details on our Azure configuration:
- We are on a basic plan (not shared..)
- running 2 instances
- the Wordpress site is nearly empty (just 2 plugins, but deactivated right now)
- running in the western europe datacenter.

a simple backend request, like clickin on pages add nw takes up to 5 seconds
loading the settings page in dashboard takes up to 10 seconds...
we are unable to work in the dashboard, as creating content simply takes too long.

Have you heard of that issue? i found several articles on the Web about how to make a wordpress install on Azure performing. We have looked into that but its very general ans basic advice which does not solve our performance problem.
At this time we are frustrated and think about moving away from Azure and Clear DB and just start doing this on a 20$ hosting plan somewhere els. It turns out to be more expensive but slower on Azure / clear DB.

Thanks fo rany tips.
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