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Elaz (Co-Founder / Developer) January 19, 2011 20:39

Notica 1.2 - What's new

Hi everyone!

Today we are submitting a big update of Notica to the AppStore.
We've worked very hard on this one, adding features that we think are going to make Notica a truly amazing visual memory companion.
Let's hope this version gets approved fast, and though we know that little icon of the iTunes app on your device's home usually waits for days till you go and update apps, You might wanna grab this one as soon as it gets approved, believe us.

So, What have we got for you?

First, there's a totally new camera in Notica. We've created a very beautiful camera that is much more suitable for the rectangular shape of the card's image. It of course lets you also take videos, and select library items as well.
Second, a whole new, better flow for creating cards. The little pencil icon on the home screen is now replaced with a camera icon. You tap it, and go straight to taking a picture. It is when you are finished taking the picture that the first big feature is revealed:

Photo Effects!

Oh yeah!
We've worked on finding a way that will let us create the best filters/effects for you for quite some time, and finally we have it. A beautiful library of 12 effects to choose from, and the option to always go back and try other filters.
We've also upgraded the card's appearance to fit the new effects, and since you might want to save the image as a separate photo to your camera roll (we usually do) - you can now select (when saving to library) if you want to save the whole card or just the image.

Next, is sharing.
You already have Facebook integration, and now it gets better: Twitter and Tumblr integration, both with the same ease of use as Facebook. Log in once, and start sending to all three networks in a breeze.
For Tumblr, you can also select if you want to post just the photo or the entire card on the settings screen available in the app's home.

And of course, there are some improvements that you might not see, but make our programmer very happy, and some things you might see if you are designers yourself, like slight RGB changes or an item that moved 2px up, and make our designer very happy.

We are very happy to introduce this update, and hope to see many cards sent to Tumblr and Twitter soon! Also, as usual, please leave your comments and suggestions here. We are always trying our best to fix the things you tell us needs fixing, and improve or add other things you ask.