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Currently we accept payments termly (every 4 months in line with school terms). However, we also want to allow payments yearly, with a monthly option too.
Therefore I have set up a yearly fee of £90, with a monthly instalment of £2.50, meaning it's £120 if paid monthly. In between we need to have the termly fee of £35, giving a yearly amount of £105.

How would I set this up? I want all 3 options to be presented but only one needs to be paid.
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Posted 8 years ago

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You would need to set up 2 different membership types, one as you currently have with yearly fee and monthly instalment fee.

The second membership type needs to have no subscription amount applied to it so you may have a category junior termly.

Your treasurer would then need to manually allocate fees on a termly basis to each member of that category.

There is no way of automating this process as the system is set up for monthly payments not termly

Hope this explanation is of use
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I'm not quite sure how this would look when the requests for payment go out from the Clubbuzz system. As we're new, we haven't sent out any requests so far.

Wouldn't it then appear that members would have the option of paying £90 yearly, £10 per month or £0?
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Hi Shane,
we are also new to Club Buzz, but have some quite complex fee structures and have tested many scenarios, so intrigued by yours....

Nice little problem you have here and having spent a great deal of time looking at how to use the subs structure, I think you could get close if not all the way using Categories and separate Subscription Accounts.

Eg 3 Categories for the Members, Annual Adult, Quarterly Adult and Monthly Adult.

Then have a Subs Account for each of these with the annual/monthly options set accordingly. i.e. on the Annual Subs Account (no monthly payments), you assign £90 fee to the Annual Adult Category etc

Might need to be smarter for the quarterly one though. Need to be careful. You could as Sarah has said manually assign these - fairly easy to do, but you need to do it each year. Might be safest option.

I have had a little think on this and a few ideas. Little bit involved.

You could setup separate Annual only Subs accounts, with dates in line with your terms, 1st Jan, 1st Apr, 1st Sep etc. These would have the quarterly fees against the category and would renew as required. BUT be careful, when you first add a member to be quarterly, they will be charged all 3 of them, so you would need to manually assign a Credit to the member for 2 of them.

Hope I haven;t confused, but feel free to contact if you want to discuss luis@gobook247.com