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I’m happy you don't have to lose your web address!

Mapping my domain name to my ClubBuzz account

Some of our customers have their own domain name and don't want to lose this name as their members are familiar with that web address - this post explains how you can keep this name and use it to access your new ClubBUzz account

ClubBuzz provides every club with a unique URL in the format of This is called a subdomain.

But did you know, it is also possible to point your own completely unique domain name (like to your ClubBuzz website?

To do this, you need to own your own domain name. Anyone can buy a domain name for as little as a few pounds from what is called a domain registrar. Then, you need to be able to update your domain's DNS settings.

Most domain registrars provide some level of DNS management, but a few do not. Therefore it is important you first check with your domain registrar that you can update your domain's DNS settings.

Every single domain registrar will have slightly different instructions for how to update your domain's DNS settings. In this document we will provide general instructions that should apply to most domain registrars. If however you find these instructions don't quite apply to your circumstances, then please contact your domain registrar and ask for their assistance. If you can add any further details specific to your domain registrar then please do so in the comments below.

Login to your domain registrar account and go to the page for administering your DNS settings. This may be called, DNS Settings, DNS Management, Name Server Management or something else.

You will find a list of DNS records. There might be all sorts of DNS records already set up - such as A records, CNAME records, MX records and more. If you already have A records set up you need to delete them.

Next, you need to create a new DNS record with the following settings:

Hostname: www

Optionally, if your domain registrar allows it (many don't), you can create an ALIAS or ANAME record on the root domain:

Hostname: @ (or leave empty)

You will now have two records looking like:


Don't worry if your registrar doesn't allow ALIAS or ANAME records on the root domain, your site will still work.

WARNING - If you have an existing website, deleting the A records that point to that website will prevent it from being accessible over the Internet. You may want to make a note of the existing settings before your delete them, just in case you change your mind.

Updating DNS settings is not instant. Any changes need to be propagated around the world which can take up-to 48 hours to complete. However, depending on who your Internet service provider is, you should start to see the changes take effect within 4-8 hours.

Whilst waiting there is one final step to complete. Go to your ClubBuzz website and log in to the admin area. Under Account > Club Details there is a field called mapped domain. Here you should put your full domain name (minus the "www") This tells the ClubBuzz system to map all traffic coming from your domain to your ClubBuzz account.

As mentioned above, the steps taken to achieve this will vary slightly from one domain registrar to the next. It is impossible for us to document each and every one, but it would be hugely helpful to others in the community if you can describe any extra steps you needed to take in the comments below.