What do we love about ClubBuzz, and what do we wish it did?

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Hi all,

As we're all frequent ClubBuzz / GroupBuzz users, and we've all got our own set ups within our own clubs. I'm genuinely curious what features we use the most, and if there's anything we really wish could be included in a future version of ClubBuzz.

For me personally, I've been using this for years, mainly because of how easy it is to manage membership. But, on the flip side, I really wish it had a more powerful form builder, which could let us charge there and then for our club kit.

What do we think? Might be useful to have feedback together moving forwards.


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list of thoughts - no particular order:
- ability to create a 'club event' (like club day or a social) and send out 'selection invites' for a response like we do with games to gauge numbers
- ability to backdate journal entries in financial accounting within current financial year, we don't always enter the journal on the day it was paid etc.
- ability for overpayment into users account via stripe etc, rather than having to stick to 15th of the month statement payments - also the 'make stripe payment' button option on the website able to pay direct into a users account rather than just random payment with no requirement for info about what for or who to reconcile against.
- ability for squad numbers to be global to a member, rather than just temporarily linked to the team they are in at a given time
- ability to see a club or section-wide availability overview chart of who is playing for who, who is unavailable, who has declined for a given match day - i know many clubs who are still using other platforms for selection rather than just doing everything within ClubBuzz for exactly the reason of its difficult to see an overview of all mens teams etc at the same time
- ability to automate umpire payments by adding umpires to match records, so that they would be paid for their services automatically, at the same time as playing members were charged their match fees
- sort out the weird issue with simple emails and system emails where text is split across lines into new paragraphs leaving the text fragmented (doesn't happen in campaign emails)
- i know its in process - but RSS automation to facebook, instagram & twitter will be great when it happens, to be able to drive people BACK to our website
- random but any chance we can get rid of the extra security question at login? its super annoying and given we have separate usernames, email addresses & passwords and a secure reset procedure is it really needed?

That's it for now I think - but all would make our use of the system better and even more engrained, evolution not revolution - we try to use ClubBuzz for literally ALL our club activities to keep things central and clear for committee, so not having to leave the system or run off reports to do separate tasks would be really helpful