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Photo of justine
Missing information
Hi there - I made a stack of changes to our site yesterday (and they had been updated as I came out of the admin and refreshed the site i...
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Photo of MattD
Insecure Connection
I've recently noticed that some of our homepage links are blocked by browser security (i'm using firefox). Some of these I've fixed by re...
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Photo of Peter
Separate membership and ex members lists
Dear SarahIn common with many clubs we keep separate lists of former members and keep in touch with them and invite them back for events ...
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Photo of Jo Button
Lost Treasurer tab
I have just set up a trial account. I've the treasurer role but can't find the treasurer tab - nor the gold manual to go with it. The em...
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Photo of Shane Cox
Registration error
A lapsed member has tried to log in and received the following message - " Your registration has expired. Please complete registration.",...
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