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I’m excited

Dinamic Maps! ;) Would be awesomee!!!!

Like in the new FPS games that are comming out (COD Ghosts and BF4), it would be great thet the maps have some sort of dinamic stuff, like rocks falling from time to time, of whater filling some part of the map slowly. Or some bombs falling from sky ramdomly.
EA and Activision are totally excited with this in their games, why not you too?
We are not less than this shit mass-selling companies, we can do it too!!

Some ideas are:
-Rocks falling from one side, that crush everything on their way.
-A map like an elevator, so that the floor goes up slowly, and you can get crushed between the walls if they get you.
-Bombs falling from everywhere randomly. That would make some devasting great experience.
-Some enemies spawning in a concret place avery certain time.
A building that is slowly breaking, or a wooden house wich gets hitten by a lightning and begins to burn down.

I think you got the idea of what I mean.
Consider it please! It would be a so much richer experience!
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