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Photo of Rodolfo Marraffa
FizzBuzz in Ruby
Just did the challenge FizzBuzz in Ruby, I am not able to see which is the problem. It is giving me some error without saying anything. I...
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Photo of Mario
road trip: challenge 124 memory usage
Has anyone been able to solve this problem in python 2 without a super high memory usage? My solutions range from 10^6 bytes to 4*10^6 by...
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Photo of Dmitrii Skipochka
string searching issue
Hi there! I'm experiencing some troubles with string searching challenge. It says that it's done partially (85%). Tried with many inputs...
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Photo of 4pcbr
Erlang and/or Elixir
Hey fellas, A few (3+) years ago there was a question about putting Erlang on the roadmap and I was wondering if it's still in your plan...
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