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Issue with starting EC2 image from Cloud Manager

In cloud manager, attempting to launch the EC2 instance I created yesterday comes back with this error message: Amazon EC2 reported a problem launching your instance: The security group 'hyperstratus' does not exist. I've looked at my account thru elasticfox and see that there is a security group with the name hyperstratus-cohesive-ft-trial-394053-1235081229. So it seems like there is an incomplete mapping from the instance info at cohesiveft and what's up on amazon. Also, in cloud manager, when the 'i' is hovered over in the "EC2 Images" section, it states that "this image appears to have been created outside Elastic Server On-Demand." It definitely was created from within the CohesiveFT system; I have started and stopped it with Elasticfox -- does that make a difference to how cloud manager views the instance?

Can you identify what's going on?
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