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OpenVPN installation on Windows 2003 VM

Hello. I tried to setup a VPN through CohesiteFT on the IBM SCE. I have the VM of CohesiveFT, and 3 VM more, 2 of them with Windows 2008 and the other one with Windows 2003. However, with one of the Windows 2003 VM I have a problem when I want to install the OpenVPN. I tried to uninstall & reinstall the OpenVPN a couple of times but I didn't get with the problem. I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this issue at
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    I’m happy to help.

    We do not explicitly provide support for OpenVPN. OpenVPN is an open source SSL VPN solution. For support, check out the OpenVPN Community Overview page with helpful links to HOWTOs, Manuals, and Forums.

    Based on the screen shot above, access denied suggests a number of potential issues:
    - You need to login as Administrator.
    - There is an application or service running that is using that file (Windows locks files that are in use).
    - The disk might be full.

    Also take a look at this Windows Knowledge Base #320081 support article for more information.


    Ryan Koop
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