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Photo of steve
Did Timepost cease to exist?
Timepost stopped updating yesterday 1/17/2011. Their site is down. Publisher Colovo site is now just a 1-pager. Anyone have any info? Hav...
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Photo of supagroova
Is Timepost dead?
Is Timepost totally dead? Seems there is no longer any support for this product... If so fine, but in that case why not open-source the p...
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Photo of ivolarysI
Text encoding send to basecamp
Hello when I stop time and post time and desciption to Basecamp - the diactritics/encoding (Czech language) gets completely bad - is it ...
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Photo of jeeStyle
Connection failed
Hello, I've got problem connecting Timepost (for Mac) and ActiveCollab. Everytime I get this error: To be sure it's not proble...
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