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I’m frustrated

comcast digital channel lineup without a converter box (try 2)

I have had trouble explaining this to reps before and they have told me comcast has no way to get it's actual channel lineups, so I may over explain it as I have had to do for other reps. I have digital cable WITHOUT a converter box, as in the cable cord comes directly from the wall into my tv. I receive digital channels but they are arranged in way that is obviously meant to be a hassle such as ABC standard definition being 9, ABC HD being 19-1, and fox being 7 in standard and 29-1 in high definition, where can I get a listing that includes high definition channels WITHOUT a comcast box, for an example with zipcode 37604 if you do not see a channel number 19-1 or 21-4 then those are incomplete listings and do not include the digital channels. These are NOT antennae channels!

I am asking this question again as another customer posted the question 8 months ago and received an incorrect answer (, again this was answered with antennae channels, not comcast's channels

I can't help but feel that the way these channels are lined up are mean to to be aggravating and discourage people from not paying the extra $20 a month to use comcast's box on every tv in the house. why else would comcast not display the lineup and arrange the channels in a ridiculous manner
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