Comcast HD Cable not obtainable under bulk contract?

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OK, so here's the situation. I work at Seattle Pacific University, as a full time live-in residence hall director. We have a great 42" DLP, but I'm having trouble displaying any HD stations with the Comcast cable package that is provided to all residence halls on campus. After talking with the Comcast rep, it sounds like what I need/want is to rent the HD DVR cablebox in order to display the HD cable stations on my HDTV.

The real problem comes into play when I try to rent this box. As we are technically living in an apartment covered with a bulk account, I can't add myself (and our apartment number) to the address as an individual, and thus, am unable to get anyone from Comcast to rent me the box as they can't see my actual apartment. So, I have been in communication with the University's Housing Department...

Housing says that they can't/won't get involved. I guess it's a long story, but suffice it to say, I'm stuck and can't figure out how to work this situation out. Comcast doesn't have evidence of my apartment (as it's campus housing), and won't deal directly with me. The University doesn't want to get involved since they already have a bulk contract, and they technically can't just add my apartment number as an individual residence apartment. SO, what should I do?!

PS. Here's the real killer though -- my coworker in the same building has managed to get Comcast to add them to the address as an individual apartment, and not only that, but they have also bought into an upgraded monthly cable package. So, apparently it is possible... from their words, they just called Comcast and spoke to a rep who added their apartment number to the address, and since then it's been fine. The rep I spoke with today, however, said that doing just that is an absolute no-no, and that he couldn't do anything for me...

This drama has been going on for over a year now, and that 42" HDTV looks like crap displaying the basic cable... Please, can anyone help me out on this issue?

Thanks Kindly,
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  • taxed and frustrated

Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Brian,

Email our team at the address below with the account information, your physical address, and your best contact number. We'll have one of our colleagues in bulk accounts reach out to you.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations
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We have a new bulk contract at our building -[redacted] --- I did not realize that the digital channels we would get were only Digital Starter. We have had Digital Classic.and I'm disappointed that I will have to pay extra for Encore channels which I find to have superior scheduling as compared to HBO. Is there any way I can drop the HBO and all the moveis and programs on demand and get the Digital Classic programming for the bulk rate that I'm paying to the building?
Thank you
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just to let you know, it's not secure to leave your real name, your address and your phone number on a comment post on a blog. Identity theft is real and can happen to YOU. I want to protect those who don't realize how easy it is. don't give out your information! only people you trust should have it. just letting you know. hope you edit the post.
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I've removed this customer's personal info from this post to protect their privacy.
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Move. that's my advice. how can you afford an HD TV living in university housing? you are probably a student or a teacher or Teachers Assistent. either way. money can be tight. i digress. i'm hoping to figure out the same problem. I'm getting bounced around just like you. My problem is that in the switch to digital, I have only analog tvs. so they keep taking channels away from basic cable. eventually basic cable won't exist. it' will only be digital cable. why can't we just BUY the boxes instead of rent them? it's so rediculous! Comcast forces us to be nickeled and dimed to death. i say it should be only 1 charge monthly for the service. equipment rental fees are Bogus bull $H!T! I just want my fare shake. if the condo association is covered with Digital starter I want that. If the condo association has basic as part of the fees then I'll deal. Bulk accounts are the devil!!
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I have same problem and it's even worse for SEASONAL Residents!

Hi Jeff Ekenbarger,
Maybe you can help. Comcast is very frustrating to deal with. I am part of a Bulk Subservient Package (interesting insulting name, almost seems like we are second class citizens). Our contract was recently renewed for a much higher rate and I was also informed by my POA we get 4 hbo channels and each unit is entitled to free boxes. After some digging and multiple phone calls I found out that what we get for free is a DTA digital transport adapter. This is not a true cable box. So in order to get HD you need a real cable box, which means I have to sign up for something. Which brings me to my biggest issue: seasonal residents. It appears if you are a seasonal resident and in a Bulk Subservient Dwelling, you are basically screwed. If you sign up for the seasonal program, for bulk customers, it actually costs MORE than if you don't sign up for it! What kind of backwards logic is that ?? It seems illegal since you are paying about $8/month for the HD box, but when you have it shut off with the seasonal package, you have to pay $10 / month until you get back !

Additionally, as an alternative solution I thought I could buy my own TIVO HD and use a cablecard. Well it appears the cablecard works the same way and I would have to pay that off season monthly fee which is ridiculous. Or make that tedious trip every year to the comcast center, which I am trying to avoid.

Maybe you can see my frustration and if you have a solution, please let me know. Below is the original email I sent to cust service..

I have bulk service included with my POA Boynton Lakes - Our bulk
contract was recently renewed for a much higher rate.
I was told each homeowner is entitled to a free box or 2 since this is required for some channels included in our bulk package. Please let me know where I should go to pick up the box(s).

Also, I would like to know if the free box will handle HD? - Almost all TV''s sold today are HD and it''s hard to believe that this would not be included in the contract. My POA could not confirm if the free box includes HD.

If the free box does not include HD, I would like to know how much the HD (non dvr) will cost and most importantly, can it be shut off when I leave for the summer without having to return it?

If there is a minimal cost for the HD box, then I have no choice, but if there''s a hassle of having to return the box every year - that would be ridiculous. Please let me know if this can be done for part year residents.

Best, Mike
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
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It's about $10/ month for an HD digital box. The cable carries the HD braodcast signal, but the free digital box will not translate the signal. You can view the HD broadcast directly through the cable, but you will have fewer channels available. I have built a switch to go back and forth between cable/digital cable so I dont need to physically swap cables every time I want to watch an HD broadcast. I only use it for watching sports events on network broadcasts. There is a limited number of programs broadcast in HD. If you still have an aerial (even a set of "rabbit ears") the over the air signal is HD.