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I’m angry

Comcast is trying to screw customers...AGAIN!

I’ve been a Comcast customer for MANY years. I had the Triple Play Bundle, so I had Cable, internet and phone service. I recently moved so I called to cancel my Comcast service. I’m so tired of all of Comcast’s screw ups, so I decided to go with another cable provider instead of staying with Comcast. A few days before I was moving out of my old place, I called Comcast to specifically ask them what all needed to be returned to the office since I would no longer have access to where I used to live. The lady on the phone told me only the cable boxes and remotes. I told her that I had phone service, and there was nothing they needed for that? And she said nope, just the cable boxes. She works at Comcast, so I FIGURED she’d know what she was talking about.

So yesterday I went to my local office to turn in the cable boxes and remotes. The lady asked where the phone modem was. I told her about how I called Comcast and spoke to a rep and they told me I only need to bring in the cable boxes and remotes. She said that the phone modem is their equipment and I need to return it or I will be charged for it. I reiterated the fact that I specifically called them about what I needed to return and I was told ONLY the cable boxes and remotes! I am so tired of Comcast not taking responsibility for their Customer Service Reps! This isn’t the first time I’ve been told the wrong thing!!!!! I’m tired of it. This is reason #2398584375845 why I will not be a Comcast customer again!

I tried to avoid any and all problems by calling and double checking what needed to be returned. Please fix this situation, because I refuse to pay for Comcast’s mistake!!!

Angry in PA
Jennifer R
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