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How to change channel from another room?

I am mounting an LCD over the fireplace and my cable box is in the basement. What do i need to be able to use my remote from one floor above the box?
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  • Hello shaun,

    Sounds like you have a pretty cool setup. I' Jealous :)

    While we do not support or encourage the setup, I have a few ideas. You would need to locate a "IR Extender" to accomplish this. Here is Google link to the search.

    The very first "Sponsored Link" in color is the one I would recommend. I have not ordered personally but have read several postive reviews about the site. The link does take you to a product immediatly. I would suggest searching the site or review additional Google Results to determine what is best for your home. Here is a link to the store/product mentioned above.

    Thank you,

    George Lunski
    Comcast Corporate Office
    Comcast Customer Connect

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