Pixelation and Tiling Frustration

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I am very frustrated. I just got a new HDTV for the bedroom. I picked up a HDTV box from the Downingtown office last weekend, had the box initialized Sunday evening. After about 1 hour, most of the channels came in but about 20 or so digital and HD channels were pixelating/tiling so severely it they were unwatchable. However, the digital and HD channels that came in were crisp and clear. For instance, Comcast Sportsnet, ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, ABC & NBC came in fine. Other HD channels as well as digital channels like FLIX, Encore, etc., were horrible. It gets worse. Now, the channels that came in fine are now all pixelating. Even the ones I can watch have artifacts moving about every few seconds. My other HDTV and box work fine. Same hookup - RG60 cable into the house with RG59 to the boxes. The only end-to-end RG60 is to my broadband modem which had a problem 2 weeks ago but is now fine. Help Comcast. What is going on??? I'm paying hard earned money for this service.
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Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry that you're experiencing problems. Email our team at We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com. We'd be happy to arrange someone to come out at your convenience to test the signals and correct whatever is causing this problem.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations
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After months and months of freezing pictures and audio drop outs, I took it upon myself to see if I could fiquire this out.
In the attic I located my main cable feed was connecting to a 5-way splitter. That means my signal is being split 5 different time to go to 5 different TV jacks.
FIRST, I disconnected the main cable line from the 5-way splitter and connected it to a 2-way splitter.
SECOND, I connected the line that goes to my main TV (cable box) to the 2-way splitter.
THIRD, I connected a cable from the 2-way splitter back to the 5-way splitter.
THAT'S IT !!!!
My other TVs which don't use a cable box, never had any tiling issues, just the HDTV with the cable box. So now the signal to the HDTV is only split twice instead of 5 times.

Mark Matherne
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SIGNAL LEVEL PROBLEM!! For the first 24 hours after having new Comcast digital service installed--two converter boxes for two TVs--we had lousy service. One the first day we believed that it was a provisioning problem. The Comcast technician told us that there was a technical problem with Comcast's server, and our boxes may take hours to be updated with information. "Wait 24 hours before calling in a trouble," he advised. The following day I observed that the TVs were slowly acquiring channels through the converter boxes, but the status changed from box to box and from minute to minute. Both TVs had a seemingly random mix of channels with 1) very good picture and sound quality, 2) good, bad, or very bad quality, of the pixelating or tiling video and choppy audio variety, and 3) a blue screen with a “please wait a moment” message along with an error code. A channel that was very good on one TV might have a blue screen on the other TV. Come back five minutes later and the blue screen had become good and the very good channel had started to pixelate. After placing a couple of phone calls to Comcast and scouring the Internet for reports of similar problems, including the post to which I am replying, I began to believe that Comcast had a signal level problem coming out of their aerial taps on the street. The next available service appointment was several days away, so I set out to prove that it was a Comcast signal level problem. The first splitter inside of the house was a 4-way splitter that dropped 7db of attenuation per leg. Since we are currently operating only two TVs, I replaced it with a 2-way splitter that dropped only 3db of attenuation per leg. By increasing the signal level to the Comcast digital converter boxes by 4db (7db less 3db), the problem was solved. Both TVs now display all of the channels that we ordered from Comcast, and the quality is uniformly very good on all channels on both TVs. Amazing. Further proof that if you want something done right, or just done period, you have to do it yourself. It's no wonder that the United States' standing in the world is sliding. No pride of ownership. No satisfaction in a job well done. No work ethic. I guess I should add that the Comcast technician didn't even have a meter with him, that I had to point out a filter on the aerial tap that had to be removed before we got any signal at all, that his handheld computer was giving him problems and he told me that it "sucked," and that he used this handheld computer to close out the job before leaving us with the lousy service that I described above.
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Same problem. It usually starts around 3pm, and gets worse. Unable to view live television on any channel, DVR recordings so pixelated that they are unwatchable, and no On Demand service for 3 months. I've called tech support at least 5 times and after hours of holding and troubleshooting, we always end up in the same place: gee, I see where we've requested a line check a couple months ago, and nothing happened. They promise to get back to me once they've reached someone "in the field" and then never do. When I call to follow up, they have no record of this request. Wash, rinse, repeat. I can only conclude that they are unwilling or unable to fix their infrastructure, but of course they aren't going to TELL me that. We are going to have to get a dish. :(