Why can't I delete a recorded program from my Comcast HD DVR?

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I have various programs recorded on my Comcast HD DVR. One of the problems I have with this piece of equipment is that one of the programs I have recorded won't delete.

How do I persuade it to delete this recording?
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It sounds as if there is a problem with that device. We should look into swapping it. Please shoot me an email so I can get the specifics.


Detreon Roberts
Comcast National Customer Operations
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I have just experienced the exact same thing.
One of my programs won't delete from the DVR.
Of course it just happens to be one of the longest programs
and I need to delete it to free up the space.
How did you make out with your problem?
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I have the same problem on a Motorola DCH3416 DVR. Although I don't have comcast directly. I do get my cable from a company that gets a numbe of comcast feeds. (a subsidiary?? not sure.)
This isn't the first time either. Last time we just kept attempting and *finally* after a few weeks it finally deleted. And then again just a few days ago. Have probably triedto delete it 50-60 times an still no luck. aargh!
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I have this same problem. I have a Comcast HD DVR and it will not delete a 1hr show. We have tried to set a lock on it and then taking it off, but no luck. Everyday, I try to delete it but it will simply not go away.
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i have the same problem and after an hour in chat mode with a comcast tech ... i still have the problem, but now i am furious. i guess i'll have to find a local comcast store and swap the box.
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Did anyone have Comcast tell them to unplug their dvr and plug it back in 10 minutes later? Did that help at all (other than to unprogram everything there :>( )?
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I pulled the power plug, let it reboot and then I could delete it.