Why is Comcast channel 707 (ABC in HD, San Francisco) not working?

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My channel 707 (ABC in HD) in San Francisco is showing in standard definition. All of my other HD channels are displaying properly in HD. I tried to contact Comcast customer service and not only was treated as if I was wrong at every step of the time-consuming process, but also was given conflicting information (from 'abc not available in my area,' to 'you need a technician,' to 'you are not eligible for HD').

Since I was not able to get resolution from customer service, here is the transcript. It would be great if someone else has a solution.

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Christine(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:25:37 GMT-0700 (PDT))> ABC in HD (channel 707) is not showing in HD.

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Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:27:01 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Hello Christine_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Johannes.37924. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:27:06 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I understand that you have an issue with your cable service. I am more than willing to assist you with your concern.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:27:14 GMT-0700 (PDT))> How are you doing today, Christine?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:26:43 GMT-0700 (PDT))> fine

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:27:06 GMT-0700 (PDT))> hello??

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:27:46 GMT-0700 (PDT))> It is nice to know that you are doing fine. Please give me a moment to pull up your account.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:29:40 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Thank you very much for your patience.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:29:54 GMT-0700 (PDT))> We will now be doing troubleshooting steps. Kindly check if all the cables are securely connected and hand tightened to the digital box and the television. If you have a splitter, please check the cable connection to it as well.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:29:33 GMT-0700 (PDT))> ok, one sec

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:30:38 GMT-0700 (PDT))> everything is nice and tight

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:31:35 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Okay. Kindly turn the digital box off then unplug it from the power source. Please wait 30 seconds then plug it back in to the power source.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:32:27 GMT-0700 (PDT))> The channels may take 10 to 15 minutes to load completely. Please try to channel surf and see if you are able to access any of the missing channels.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:32:54 GMT-0700 (PDT))> the channels are all still there

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:33:06 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I am not MISSING any channels, but I was not missing any before either

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:33:31 GMT-0700 (PDT))> the problem is that channel 707 (ABC in HD) is only showing in standard definition, not in HD

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:33:42 GMT-0700 (PDT))> it is still doing this

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:36:53 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Christine, please click on this link to know more information about the channels included in your package.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:36:55 GMT-0700 (PDT))> http://www.comcast.com/Customers/Clu/...

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:37:27 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Your current package is Limited Basic. Is that correct?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:37:32 GMT-0700 (PDT))> ABC is a major television network. It has always been in HD previously. It is included in my package, I am not sure why I am looking this up in the knowledge base. If I was not supposed to get it in HD I would not be online chatting!

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:38:59 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I will now send a signal to your cable box. One moment, please.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:39:24 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Thank you. I have sent the signal to your cable box. Kindly check if this has resolved the issue.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:39:08 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I am watching the channel right now, it has not changed. Do I need to do anything?

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:42:48 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Christine, ABC in HD is no longer available in your area.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:42:30 GMT-0700 (PDT))> when is the problem expected to be resolved?

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:43:43 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Did you click on the link that I provided to see the channels included in your package?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:43:15 GMT-0700 (PDT))> yes

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:43:20 GMT-0700 (PDT))> HD is listed on that page

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:43:26 GMT-0700 (PDT))> (ABD in HD)

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:43:30 GMT-0700 (PDT))> ABC, sorry

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:43:53 GMT-0700 (PDT))>

2 KTVU-2 (FOX) News & Info
3 KNTV-11 (NBC-3) News & Info
4 KRON-4 (MY) News & Info
5 KPIX-5 (CBS) News & Info
6 KICU-36 (IND) News & Info
7 KGO-7 (ABC) News & Info
8 KTSF-26 (IND) News & Info
9 KQED-9 (PBS) News & Info
10 KTEH-54 (PBS) News & Info
11 Access Television Network (10PM-6PM) Lifestyle
11 ComcastSF-City Station (6PM-10PM) News & Info
12 KBCW44 (CW) News & Info

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:44:29 GMT-0700 (PDT))> oops here is the right one

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:44:31 GMT-0700 (PDT))>

702 KTVU-2 (FOX) HD High-Definition TV
703 KNTV-HDTV High-Definition TV
704 KRON-HD High-Definition TV
705 KPIX-(CBS) High-Definition TV
706 KICU-(IND) High-Definition TV
707 KGO-HDTV High-Definition TV
709 KQED-HDTV High-Definition TV
712 KBCW - HD High-Definition TV
720 CSN Bay Area (Check Listings For Times) High-Definition TV
721 CSN-HD High-Definition TV

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:44:45 GMT-0700 (PDT))> channel 707 is listed as HDTV, but it is not showing in HD

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:48:10 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Christine, please choose Limited Basic from the drop down because that is your current package.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:48:14 GMT-0700 (PDT))> my package is limited basic + high definition.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:48:54 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I will copy from my online bill, one minute

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:49:44 GMT-0700 (PDT))> That is alright.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:49:52 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Christine, I will need to book a technician visit for you to have this issue resolved. When is the best time to send the technician?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:51:02 GMT-0700 (PDT))>
4/16 - 5/15 High Definition TV 8.00
4/16 - 5/15 Limited Basic 19.45

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:51:35 GMT-0700 (PDT))> it just seems weird that only one channel is not in HD

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:53:05 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Christine, you have Limited Basic Cable Package only and you have an HD Box.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:53:23 GMT-0700 (PDT))> It does not mean that you will receive all channels in High Definition.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:53:36 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Can we please escalate the issue?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:53:45 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I am supposed to have this channel in HD.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:54:43 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I will need to book a technician visit for you to have this issue resolved. When is the best time to send the technician?

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:54:11 GMT-0700 (PDT))> It has always been in HD in my home; it is still listed as an HD channel in the guide; and I am paying for HD.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:54:22 GMT-0700 (PDT))> evenings and weekends

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:55:21 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Please give me a moment to check the availability of our technicians.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:56:37 GMT-0700 (PDT))> Thank you very much for your patience.

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:57:26 GMT-0700 (PDT))> The only available dates that we have are from Tuesday, June 2, 2009 until Thursday, June 4, 2009 from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:57:26 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I have to work, those times are not good for me

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:57:38 GMT-0700 (PDT))> is anyone else reporting this problem?

Johannes.37924(Mon Jun 01 2009 23:58:53 GMT-0700 (PDT))> No one else is reporting this issue, Christine.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:58:54 GMT-0700 (PDT))> I will blog about this instead - i am not satisfied by my customer service experience today.

Christine_(Mon Jun 01 2009 20:59:11 GMT-0700 (PDT))> thank you for your time.
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  • annoyed with my customer service rep's lack of knowledge

Posted 8 years ago

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Not sure what happened, but after this conversation occurred, channel 707 popped back into HD during the middle of a program. I don't know if this means the problem was fixed, or if it means it is an intermittent problem.
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my mom just lost her 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 channels and some more up to 32? for some reason 5 comes in. This after spending 4 hrs on the phone getting the box installed early july, with 2 hrs box tech visit, and 2 hrs with a cable tech visit (all on 3 separate days, mind you) thing finally works, now this! call in to COmcast resolved nothing, except now we are waiting for ANOTHER tech Sunday. grr. he better be more than a box switcher.
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Christine - if you're still following this thread, did you have a service visit from Comcast, and if so, what happened? I'm having a somewhat similar problem with Comcast channel 702 (Fox HD) tonight, for the second time this week. But instead of showing in Standard Def, it's not showing at all. It says 'one moment please - the channel should be available shortly.' What's similar is that this appears to be a problem with just ONE channel.

It's been out for at least 40 minutes now, and was out for at least that long a few days ago. The phone support person did the same as your guy - restarted the box a couple of times from their end - but that didn't help. Similar cold, uninterested tone, almost as if he was trying to blame me for the problem. I haven't touched anything in my TV setup. He claimed that nobody else has called in with this problem, but I don't believe him. In the past, Comcast reps have denied problems with my cable internet, but when I call back later, other reps DO acknowledge them as known issues. I asked for my account to be credited for these two days, and the agent refused - said he couldn't do that, which I don't think is true.