CI Clients,

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, however we are having to change out some significant server software - With the elections going on, we have some media sites that received huge huge huge spikes in traffic which is effecting a group of our websites... some of you may be effected.

We are doing a massive memory upgrade on the server within the next 30 minutes and we will take down the sites to reboot the server within the next 30 minutes. The outage should last less than 5 minutes.

Again we apologize of the inconvenience and will have everything up and running again very soon. Please do not call, text or submit tickets as this only slows down the process.

AS A REMINDER: This site (Get Satisfaction) is our primary communication system for server outages, maintenance, etc.

We will provide you with an additional update once the server has successfully rebooted and the new software / memory is installed.

Thank you,
CI Server Team
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