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I’m frustrated

confused.. How can I enter a none fault accident and how can I add details of my Jap Imp car.

I have to queries on my quote's:
1) My Car was involved in an accident last year 2009 which I have inc on this application, but my partner driving my car, we was not at fault and the other driver admitted liability - however when I add this accident to the system it comes up with much higher quote's - can you confirm I am adding this in correctly.
2 I cannot find my car via registration number, Neigher can I find on your list of cars - the car is a Toyotal Corolla L EX Estate 1790cc year=1995 (M Reg), it is Diesel Automatic, but cannot find equivalent car - how can I enter this onto your system.
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  • If your partner was driving at the time of the accident, then the claim would need to be listed under his name and not your own if he is named as a driver; when entering the details, you can select that the driver was not at fault to indicate that all your costs were recovered from the other insurance provider.

    We often find that imported vehicles are particularly difficult to insure online, as a large number of insurers would not be able to quote for an imported vehicle. If you are unable to select your car from the list once you have entered the details manually then unfortunately we won't be able to help you obtain your quotes.
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