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House Rebuild Cost

I am being asked this to obtain a quote on the website. How can I find this out? Where is the BCIS Rebuild Calculator located on the site???
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  • The BCIS calculator should be visible on the final page of the quotation; there should automatically be a value calculated based on the value of the property that you have selected.

    If you cannot see this value, then it's likely that there is a setting on your web browser which is preventing the screen from being displayed in full; you should then be able to complete your quotation by using a different computer.
    • I have tried using different browsers and I cannot see the calculator. I suggest you address this problem as I had to quote house cost (probably higher than rebuild cost, so did not get a good quote and will not be going ahead. Also is not a good recommendation for you site. You claim the site is easy to use use when in fact it is extremely difficult to get this information. Verdict - poor customer service response.
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