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I’m livid

No Gas. No Live Gas Meter. No Account Still Billed for standing charge!

PLEASE can anyone help? I am in a privite rented flat in a block of flats. My energy provider for electric only is OVO. I have no gas. There is no live gas into the building. I have never had any gas but I believe there is a dead gas meter atached to the building outside. Eon have just started sending me bills for a standing charge for the fact that a gas meter is attahced to the building. They say even though it is capped off, I've never had any gas from them or anyone else for that matter and there is no gas into the property I must pay them 27p a day, everyday just because when the flats were bulit a gas meter was attached to the building. Clearly this is unfair but is it right? Can companies now charge us for products and services we've never had? How has this been allowed to happen?
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