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Share savings with friends on Facebook profile

Hi there

Having obtained some quotes from your site today I thought I'd share an idea I had. Perhaps you could give people the option to share the savings they have made with their friends by providing a link to their Facebook profile or with other social networking sites?

This would continue to raise awareness about Confused.com and encourage their friends to try to lower their own premiums.I know I'd have a go if I saw it on a friend's profile!

Thanks Confused.com!

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  • Hi Louise,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us on our online forum. I’d just like to say, I really like the sound of your idea and for one, feels it has great potential to be a success all round!

    Customers saving money on Confused.com and sharing their experience with each other is a fantastic way of raising awareness. Although I’m unable to guarantee anything at this stage, I’ll certainly feed this back to my colleagues and look for ways to implement your suggestion. Who knows, you may hopefully see your idea on our website in the future!

    Thanks once again Louise for getting in touch with us, and we hope you’ll return to Confused.com again soon to save more money!
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