Does have an API?

What are the integration options with other systems?
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  • There are a number of ways to integrate to

    1. The back-end calendar system uses Google's Calendar API ( and all read/writes and changes are carried out using this API. myBookingWizard does't require exclusive access to the API so you can read/write to the calendars using another application and the availability will be reflected in

    Certain keywords and symbols are used to identify entries and their states. A full list of these codes is available from support (

    2. The front-end and middle-ware is written using modules in Perl and Javascript (specifically J-Query). It is possible to add modules and other applications that use the same API hooks. Speak to support ( to get advice and help with this.

    The system is designed to be as open as possible and is designed from the ground-up to be integrated into 3rd-party systems so most forms of integration are possible. If you have a question about any form of integration then ask on here or fire a question off to us on
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