Europeans like cooking too

Add an inconspicuous button to show metric instead of imperial measurements. That would make me use this site more often.
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    I’m always happy to get great suggestions
    Will (Official Rep) June 19, 2011 23:04
    Thanks! We've been grappling with this. Ideally, we would love to have a whole mirror site with proper conversions of the recipes that take into account not just measurements -- but also different ingredients, oven temperatures, and even give suggestions for hard-to-find ingredients. Also, since many of our recipes have been converted from recipes originally from UK chefs, we would love to have the proper original recipe -- so that we weren't converting back from a conversion. That said, I can really see how useful what you suggest would be in the meantime -- so we'll work on it. We are an indie company and can only do a few new initiatives at a time -- so I hope you'll stick with us in the meantime. Oh, and about 1/8 of the recipes already have both metric and imperial -- including all the recipes by Victoria Blashford-Snell and Brigette Hafner.
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