I’m frustrated

Inability to save recipes!

Does your website have issues with mac notebook users? I cannot get your website to respond to my wanting to save to my favorites )-: I have noticed others having the same issue is this problem corrected and if not why?
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    I’m hopeful
    Abby (Official Rep) June 02, 2010 20:50
    Hi Debra,

    Thank you so much for writing in.

    I'd like to figure out what might be causing this problem. If you wouldn't mind, could you please tell me what browser you are using (i.e., firefox, safari, internet explorer), which browser version, and what exactly happens after you click on "add to favorites."

    Also, are you currently signed in to your Cookstr account when this is happening?

    Please email me back to abby@cookstr.com.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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