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I’m sad

performance issues on page turning

I love this site and the general idea; but the performance is terrible. I don't have this issue with any other site, so I know it's not my browser or computer (unless you need certain settings to use this site which I do not have set?!)
Specifically, it always seems to take a long time for the pages to turn over.
I hope this is fixed as I do love the content of this site.
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this problem
    I’m always happy when our users let us know when they are having problems
    Will (Official Rep) May 10, 2010 22:19
    Dear Kim:

    I'm so happy you love the site -- but really sorry you are having trouble with the page loading speed. Can you let me know what browser you are using? I definitely want to get to the bottom of why it's slow for you (I just checked on several different browsers and got very fast response times as usual).

    There shouldn't be any special settings.

    My email is and my cell is 646 334 8673.

    Many thanks!

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