Request for Low-Sodium recipe section on Cookstr

I love Cookstr...any chance they could add a low sodium section? Many people have this issue (my huuby and mom both do) and still love to cook.

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    I’m always happy when people write in with questions or comments
    Will (Official Rep) December 29, 2011 21:11
    So pleased that you like Cookstr! And we actually do have a low sodium section. On the orange recipe search panel on the left of the home page, go to "advanced search" and click on that -- and it will give you some options. The first one is "nutritional info" and if you click on that, you will get more options. The second one is "Sodium Controlled" which will allow you not just to see all the low sodium options but actually specify the maximum sodium you want to see in a recipe.

    Happy Low Sodium Cooking!

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