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I just registered and searched out "sweet banana peppers" and got a recipe for "chocolate icecream" what's up with that ??
I also saw the word "BETA" on the log-in page are you still defining this site ??
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    I’m happy when users write us and excited to add some sweet banana peppers recipes!
    Will (Official Rep) August 21, 2009 17:04
    Thanks so much for writing in! I know that must seem very odd, but there's a reason. First, our search engine looks for exact matches according to hundreds of tags for each recipe. So if we had any recipes for sweet banana peppers, those would have come up first in the search. Unfortunately, we don't yet -- but we will now look for some. Next, it searches for recipes that have those three words in them. These are lower priority in the search and come up after the first set. In this case, the recipe uses semi-sweet chocolate (the word "sweet") has "bananas" in it and suggests you can add "peppers" in the headnote.

    As for the "beta" -- we are still ironing out some bugs and introducing new features. We rely on users like you to point out bugs! And we should have the new features up and running in about two weeks. We will then go out of "beta" phase.

    We are an independent and self-funded site and are really grateful to all our early adopters and everyone who gives us feedback. Many thanks!


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