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I’m excited


Thanks for featuring Robert St. John. Not only is he a fabulous restauranteur and author, he is a Seriously Good Guy. As to his cookbooks, I have friends who are CIA trained and they all say that HIS are the ONLY chef-written cookbooks they've ever used where EVERYTHING comes out "as promised" every single time. Even I can use them successfully and I am one rung below "hack" in a kitchen--but I do looove to eat and I do NOT like to waste my time flailing around with a recipe that's not going to end well! Love Robert, love his work--and now, thanks to him, I know about this great website--I'll be back! jillconnerbrowneTHEsweetpotatoqueen
    I’m excited!
    Jill, thanks for the big thumbs up! And as soon as I saw your name I knew you had to be the head sweet potato queen. I worked at Crown (Clarkson Potter) when your first book -- and second -- came out, and I absolutely loved them. I remember all the excitement very well. I am now the Editor in Chief of Cookstr, and so happy that you found us and are loving the site.

    I hope all is well in the Sweet Potato Queen world. You are a screamingly funny writer.

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